He Just Doesn’t Want To Be In A Relationship Anymore Since His Boyfriend Was Very Babied Growing Up, But He’s Worried About Hurting His Boyfriend

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This 22-year-old man has been dating his boyfriend, who is 24, for a little over two years.

They initially met on a dating app and hit it off really quickly. Given the nature of online dating, he almost thought it was too good to be true.

Nonetheless, their relationship started off wonderfully, and they’ve since enjoyed so many experiences together. He and his boyfriend have already visited Europe twice and gone to Disney World with his boyfriend’s parents numerous times. Plus, his boyfriend’s parents have even allowed him to live at their house with his boyfriend.

“But recently, I’ve been feeling kind of worn out by our relationship,” he admitted.

Apparently, he and his boyfriend have slowly become less intimate and are hitting rough patches all the time. On top of that, his boyfriend was reportedly extremely “babied” during childhood.

So, his boyfriend always had everything he needed and was never forced to encounter challenges in order to learn and grow.

That’s why his boyfriend is now essentially afraid of growing up. He claimed that his boyfriend is scared of moving out, getting into debt, and basically having to work his behind off to make a living like everyone else in the world.

“To me, this has become quite unattractive, and being that I’ve lived with them for a little more than a year, I feel like I should return to my parent’s house until I can afford to be on my own,” he explained.

Sure, they both recently landed new jobs and have been doing well in that realm. Nonetheless, something just feels off in their overall relationship.

starsstudio – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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