Her Brother-In-Law Won’t Stop Making Fun Of Her For Being “Obsessed” With Her Husband Back In The Day, And She’s Blaming Her Sister For Bringing Up Her Embarrassing Crush In The First Place

selenit - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

When this woman was growing up, she had a massive crush on her husband for a really long time. And when she reflects on that time period now, she finds both herself and her crush pretty embarrassing.

“So I don’t like being reminded about it,” she said.

She thinks it was probably pretty obvious to her parents that she had a big crush on him, too. However, she only directly spoke about it with two people at the time– her own sister and her husband’s sister.

Well, just last month, her sister decided to dig up her dark secret and start talking about it in front of their family.

“I was honestly mortified and told my sister to shut up,” she recalled.

But her brother-in-law was there, and after he heard, he acted like a “dog with a bone.”

So, ever since her sister spilled the beans, her brother-in-law has not stopped bringing up her old crush on her husband and making fun of her– accusing her of being “obsessed” with her spouse.

She claimed that her brother-in-law has been doing it constantly and doesn’t even hesitate to tease her when they’re in front of their friends or family.

She has tried asking him to stop on numerous occasions, but her brother-in-law just won’t.

selenit – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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