Her Husband Called Her Controlling After She Said She Didn’t Want Their Daughters Flying On A Private Little Plane

deagreez - illustrative purposes only, not the actual children

This woman and her husband have two daughters together, who are 11 and 13. Their youngest just celebrated her 11th birthday, and as a present, her brother offered her something unique.

Her brother said that he would like to fly both of her girls out to Alpine, Wyoming, on a private little plane that her brother and his husband own.

Her brother’s husband used to be a pilot in the Marines, and flying is one of his hobbies now that he’s out of the Marines.

The entire trip would be under one hour on the plane, so it essentially would be a little day trip for them all to go on.

“The problem is I just don’t trust this plane…it’s so small, only 5 people fit in it, and that includes the pilot,” she explained.

“That means either myself or my husband could go, and my husband has been trying to persuade me since he LOVES planes, and he’s telling me how safe it is.”

“I think he just wants to go as a treat to himself, and he told me I just don’t want to let them go because I’m controlling.”

She and her husband got into a fight over the plane ride, and he’s super upset with her for not even entertaining the idea.

Her girls have no clue that her brother offered to take them on this trip, as her brother brought it up only in front of her and her husband. Their girls weren’t around when her brother mentioned the trip.

deagreez – illustrative purposes only, not the actual children

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