Her Husband Keeps Wetting The Bed, So She Freaked Out On Him And Told Him To Start Sleeping In Their Guest Room

XtravaganT - illustrative purposes only

This 36-year-old woman has been married to her husband, who is 38, for five years. Over the course of their relationship, they’ve also had three kids together. She claimed that their marriage has been extremely happy, too.

“He is very loving and caring to the kids and me. There are no doubts there,” she said.

Yet, more recently, they have encountered a unique problem in their relationship. All of a sudden, her husband has begun wetting their bed at night. Now, when it first happened, she had no clue how to react.

“And I felt embarrassed to talk about it with him,” she recalled.

So, the following morning, her husband just woke up, took the sheets off their bed, and cleaned up the accident. She figured it might have just been a one-time thing.

Well, that wasn’t the case, and her husband continued wetting the bed. Sometimes, it would happen once a week. Other times, her husband did it every other week.

She thinks their current work situation may be one factor influencing her husband’s current stress level.

About a year and a half ago, her husband lost his full-time job and has been in between jobs ever since then. So, while he works on becoming a realtor, he has been working as a ride-share driver.

This has left her as the main source of income for their family, and they reportedly live in a high-cost-of-living country.

XtravaganT – illustrative purposes only

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