He’s Not Going To His Brother’s Wedding After He Made Fun Of His Newborn Baby In Front Of Everyone At Their Friend’s House

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This man is 32-years-old, and according to him, his 34-year-old brother has always been really rude to him. Then, when he first met his wife – who is 33 – about five years ago, his brother started being rude to her, too. In fact, his brother actually made fun of his wife for not being “as educated” as he was.

Then, his brother got engaged, so his brother’s fiancée entered the picture about one year ago. You might think this would have made his brother kinder, too.

Well, that didn’t happen. Rather, his brother’s fiancée was surprisingly no different – making fun of his wife’s lower education level.

“It was a big issue. Lots of fights in my family because of the things they said about my wife,” he recalled.

“And my parents told us to forgive them. Fine, we did.”

Just last week, though, he was at a friend’s house with his brother, and again, his brother started making fun of him. Still, he tried to be the bigger person.

“I let it slide and just laughed it off because I’m just used to it at this point,” he said.

But, as time went on, his brother wouldn’t stop, and the remarks really started to get under his skin. So, he made a comment about his brother’s appearance, and his brother immediately lost it.

This time, however, his brother crossed a line and began to make fun of his 2-month-old baby in front of everyone at their friend’s house – including his brother’s own fiancée. This caused him to lose it, too.

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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