Her Sister-In-Law Keeps Procrastinating When It Comes To Finding Childcare, And She Refuses To Be A Nanny For Her Sister-In-Law’s Baby Anymore

Lomb - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman and her husband have been living in a camper with their two kids and three dogs for the past four and a half years. They spend a bunch of time outside, so space really is not an issue.

However, after her sister-in-law had a baby last October, she and her husband decided to move their camper to her sister-in-law’s property. That way, she could help out and provide childcare.

At the time, her husband was still traveling, so she only saw him once a week. They also got to park their camper on her sister-in-law’s property for free, so she didn’t expect to get paid for the childcare.

But, in March, she began seriously missing her husband. So, she told her sister-in-law that she would be hitting the road again until her son started school this year.

She gave her sister-in-law about a month’s notice, too, and said that her sister-in-law would need to find alternative childcare by April 1– the date she planned to leave.

“My sister-in-law didn’t find childcare until the day before we left,” she recalled.

Still, everything was fine, and she and her husband returned to their hometown just last weekend since her son would be starting school soon.

However, upon arrival, there was apparently a mix-up at the RV park where they were supposed to be staying. This meant that they didn’t have a spot at the park anymore, and they had to reach out to her sister-in-law.

It didn’t seem like a big problem, though, since her sister-in-law claimed they could just park on her property until they could get into the RV park.

Lomb – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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