She Evicted Her Brother And His Family From The House She Inherited So Her Daughter Can Live There

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When this 40-year-old woman was in her twenties, her great-grandma got very sick and needed someone to help care for her.

She volunteered, as her other family members had too much going on in their own lives. She had just graduated from college, so wasn’t as established as everyone else and was able to be more flexible.

After her great-grandma passed, she inherited her home, which is tiny and has two bedrooms. She lived in her great-grandma’s home until she got married and moved to a larger house with her husband.

A year after that, her brother Adam asked to rent her home, and she said yes under one condition: he and his family would need to move out when her daughter Caroline turned 18 so she could live close to the city and college.

Caroline was only three-years-old when Adam moved into the home, and they came up with a legal agreement for everything.

Last year, she reminded Adam that she would need the house back, as Caroline was nearly 18, and she wanted to repair the house a bit prior to Caroline moving in.

Adam completely ignored her request, so she issued him a notice, which he also didn’t respond to either.

She then had to escalate to a court order in order to evict Adam and his family, and that hearing happened one month ago.

“Last week, he and his family were officially evicted,” she explained. “Upon getting into the house, I noticed it was in horrible condition, and it would take a few months just to make it somewhat habitable, let alone do redecorating or repairs.”

slavun – – illustrative purposes only

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