His Dad’s New Wife Is Jealous That He’s Sharing Old Photos Of His Mom On Social Media

simona - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Nine years ago, this 17-year-old guy sadly lost his mom. He does have two younger siblings, twins, but they don’t really remember their mom as well as he does.

Two years after his mom’s passing, his dad met his new wife Jen. Jen moved in with them later on, and when she did, she made them take down all the photos of their mom that they had up in their house.

“We were allowed one photo that couldn’t be easily seen in each of our bedrooms,” he explained.

“But it had to blend in so Jen wouldn’t see the photos when our doors were open (a rule in Dad’s house). We hated it.”

“I always felt like Dad took away our home to make it Jen’s home. I don’t see it the same way. But then again I don’t feel like I live with “parents” I feel like I live with a sort of parent who changed badly when mom died and the spouse he met afterward who really isn’t someone I’ll ever care much about.”

The only upside he sees is that he still has been allowed to have a connection with his mom’s family. His mom’s parents have always been there to babysit them as needed, and occasionally, they would stay with them for a couple days at a time if his dad and Jen went on vacation.

Even before his mom passed away, his grandparents were a constant in his life. The fact that his dad didn’t force him to give up a relationship with his grandparents is the one of the sole reasons he doesn’t hate him completely.

He really is upset with his dad for prioritizing Jen’s needs above the needs of him and his siblings.

Now, his grandparents and his aunts still have tons of photos of his mom in their homes. They even have some wedding photos of his dad and mom.

simona – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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