He Threatened To Call The Cops After His Daughter’s School Wouldn’t Let Him Pick Her Up, And His Wife Is Angry That He Acted “Rudely” To The School Staff And Other Parents

Skyler - illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

Just last week, this 29-year-old guy’s wife, who is 35, went away on a business trip. So, he was left to look after his 9-year-old daughter by himself.

He didn’t think this was a huge deal, either, and not much had changed at home. The only difference was that he had to drop off and pick up his daughter from school instead of his wife, who typically handles that responsibility.

“And I had to take a few hours off of work to take care of her, which I’m more than happy to do,” he added.

However, the first day his wife was gone, he went to pick up his daughter from school, and there was a major issue. Since the school staff did not know him, they wouldn’t allow him to take his daughter home.

Now, he realized that the school was just doing its job and looking after his daughter’s security. But, even after he explained how he was his daughter’s father, it didn’t make any difference.

“Even my daughter told them I was her dad, and they still wouldn’t let me take her,” he explained.

So, after 20 minutes of back-and-forth between him and the school staff, some other parents started to get involved. Then, he ultimately got fed up and threatened to call the cops if they did not allow him to take his daughter.

The threat did work, and the school let him leave with his child. Afterward, he thought the situation was over, too.

Well, that was until about one hour after he arrived home. At that point, his wife gave him a call, and was seriously angry.

Skyler – illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

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