His Pregnant Wife Is Cheating On Him, And She Was Hanging Out With Her Ex While Sending Him Photos of Baby Clothes She Wanted To Buy

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This 28-year-old guy and his wife, who is the same age as he is, have been together for a decade. Six weeks ago, he and his wife learned that they are going to be expecting a baby, and sadly, six hours ago, he found out she’s actually cheating on him.

He truly thought that his marriage was excellent and his wife is the kindest woman he has ever met. He has never been happier in his life (you know, before he found out about her infidelity).

It turns out that his wife has spent the last month and a half cheating on him with her ex. This all started after his wife sent her ex a message on social media to wish him a Happy Birthday.

Things escalated from there, and his wife slept with her ex three different times and hung out with him six times.

At one point, his wife was hanging out with her ex while she was sending him photos of the baby clothes she wanted to buy.

“This woman was my world,” he explained. “I did everything I could for her. I was so excited for this baby. We were trying.”

“She swears it’s mine, and there’s no way that it’s his, but she lied, saying they only slept together once. He told me 3 times, and she finally admitted it. She said that she told him she loved him but didn’t mean it. My thing is, how would she love him after only one month?”

“They dated like 13 years ago. It’s just hard for me to believe, and I’m questioning if the child is even mine. It’s literally the worst day of my life, guys. I’m terrified. My anxiety is awful. I feel so sick. She’s texting me saying she wants to work it out, but she was so shady.”

He’s hoping this is all a terrible nightmare that he’s about to wake up from. He trusted his wife implicitly, and he can’t imagine why she would cheat on him.

Pixel-Shot – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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