His Wife Is Furious He Didn’t Take The Blame When She Passed Gas At A Dinner Party With Their Friends

At that point, his wife did speak up and claimed that she didn’t “let anything go.” Instead, she actually said it was him who did it. Now, at that moment, he sort of froze and hesitated. So, it was obvious to everyone that it was really his wife who did it.

“If I took the blame, they would have probably believed me. It didn’t help that the fart smelt really bad,” he explained.

Anyway, his wife was just off for the rest of the night following that incident. She really just wanted to leave the dinner and head home.

Still, they didn’t leave until about two hours later. And while they were on their way home, his wife admitted that she was really angry with him and disappointed. Apparently, she wanted him to take the fall.

“You should have said it was you,” his wife told him.

Now, in hindsight, he realizes that he probably should’ve done that for his wife.

“But it’s hard to think that quick on your feet when under pressure,” he vented. “I thought I did pretty well by trying to talk about something else.”

Regardless, his wife was in tears and felt extremely embarrassed. She’s also still mad at him for not saying he was the culprit. So now, he’s been left wondering whether not taking the blame for his wife really made him a jerk.

If you were in his wife’s shoes, how would you have felt? Does it sound like he tried his best to act quickly? Does his wife have a right to be angry at him or not? 

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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