She Cut Her Sister Out Of Her Life After Her Sister Started Dating Her Ex-Boyfriend, And Now Her Sister Is Pregnant But This Guy Just Left Her

maryviolet - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Relationships between sisters, sadly, aren’t always sunshine and rainbows. Some of us have to make the decision to end communication with sisters who have hurt us.

This woman has a sister who is a year older than her. She had been in a relationship for two years, but the relationship didn’t last.

“My ex and I broke up because I got tired of seeing him flirt and get touchy with other girls in front of me. I would watch him do all of this, and he wouldn’t even let me talk casually to other men,” she said.

Shockingly, her sister started dating her ex not only the week after her birthday but also a week after the breakup. Now, her sister has been dating her ex for a year.

Understandably, she was completely crushed when she heard the news from some friends at her college. Her sister, at first, had attempted to hide the fact that she was dating her ex.

Ironically, her sister was the one she emotionally leaned on during the breakup, and she cried and vented and felt safe being this vulnerable and trusting her sister as part of her support system.

Even though, like many people, she initially felt furious and betrayed by her sister, she tried to push those feelings aside. However, she was still incredibly emotional and upset, and rightfully so.

“I told my mom about it, and she was furious at my sister for even considering dating my ex. My mom lectured her and called her foolish and heartless, but my sister just rolled her eyes and left. She and I fought about it constantly,” she shared.

Later, her sister’s behavior got even worse. Sometimes, her sister and her ex would come over to their house and hook up, making a lot of noise on purpose while she was right next door.

maryviolet – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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