She Doesn’t Want To Wear A White Wedding Dress, But She’s Refusing To Tell Anyone What Color Her Dress Is

Anton - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

In a few months, this 25-year-old woman is marrying her fiancé, 26.

“I would consider myself to be somewhat non-traditional and am not planning on following a lot of wedding traditions due to my own personal beliefs about them,” she said.

For quite a while, she’d known that she didn’t want to wear a white wedding dress, and she didn’t have a preference for what color her guests wore, even if they happened to wear the same color she chose for her dress.

She wants to give her guests the freedom to wear what makes them feel confident. She understands that it’s obviously not appropriate for her to wear white to someone’s wedding, but she just doesn’t feel the need to enforce this rule for her own wedding and wouldn’t mind if guests chose to wear white or the same color as her dress.

“In the FAQs on my wedding site, in the dress code section, I wrote the following under the dress code: ‘Dress code is semi-formal attire. Please feel free to wear any color of your choosing, including white. My dress will not be white, and I am hoping everyone can wear a color they feel great in,'” she explained.

After she’d listed the dress code on the site, numerous family members and friends of hers sent messages to ask her what color her dress was so that they knew not to wear that color.

“I wasn’t really planning on telling anyone because I don’t really want my fiancé to know, and I just want people to not have to restrict themselves,” she shared.

However, when she explained this to those who reached out to ask her what color her dress was, they became frustrated and said that she was “inconsiderate.”

They said they didn’t want to accidentally show up in the same color as her wedding dress because the rest of the guests would judge them for doing so.

Anton – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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