She Told Off Her Coworker After She Asked Personal Questions About Her Husband’s Salary And Lifestyle Since They’re Clearly Rich

Jacob Lund - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

It can be really annoying when people who don’t know you that well become nosy around you.

One woman recently had to shut down her coworker who wouldn’t stay out of her business and asked personal questions about her husband’s salary.

She and her husband are both 33-years-old. They’ve been together since college, and over the last few years, her husband has had quite an impressive journey during his career as a quantitative portfolio manager. 

While she earns a great living with her own job, her husband makes ten times more than her, so they’ve been adjusting to their new life as a wealthy, successful couple. However, even if it sounds like a dream life, it has downsides.

Since she and her husband started making more money, everyone around her has become nosy and has begun asking personal questions about their lifestyle and finances. 

“When people ask me how much he makes, I no longer say anything,” she said.

“I’ve learned the hard way that giving an exact number can have bad consequences.”

Recently, a new 25-year-old woman started working at her job, and she’s quite a character. She’s very chatty, loves to gossip, and always asks about single guys in the office like she wants to marry for money.

“Last Friday, our office hosted an afternoon happy hour,” she recalled.

Jacob Lund – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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