She Says There’s A Ghost In The Attic of Her New Apartment, And Since Her Neighbor Told Her That Someone Tragically Passed Away There, She Wants To Give Back The Keys And Move Out

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Yesterday, this woman got the keys to her new apartment and went to take a Snapchat video to show her friends.

She went up to the attic, which she’d chosen to be her room, and opened the door to film what it looked like.

After closing the door, there was a loud noise on the floor of the attic that sounded like a thump, and it was so loud and intense that it shook the walls.

“I went running outside, calling for my daughter to come, too, and then I called the police to come to do a walk-through to make sure there wasn’t a squatter in the attic, as I had not walked through the attic before getting the keys,” she explained.

Police arrived at her apartment, and they didn’t find anything or anyone in the attic. There weren’t any squatters or even animals that could have been the culprits of the noise.

Today, the situation got even scarier.

“I was doing some things in the kitchen, and two more thumps came along the same way they had before. My neighbor downstairs told me that a teenager had been hurt and died in the house,” she shared.

When she researched what her neighbor told her, she found out that in the past, there had been an accidental death in her neighbor’s apartment, which was the lower-level unit of the house their apartments are in.

After learning this information, she felt terrified. Her daughter is a toddler, and she doesn’t want her daughter to experience scary situations in this apartment.

bearinmind – illustrative purposes only

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