She Wants Her Daughter To Go To College, But Her Daughter Wants To Take A Year Off To Move To New York City And Focus On Her Modeling Career

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If you’re a parent of a kid who’s gone off to college, did you ever feel stressed because of the career path they wanted to choose?

One woman wants her daughter to attend college to become a software developer but is stressed out because she’d rather take a year off to focus on her modeling career.

She’s 44, and her daughter is 18. When her daughter was 15, she was scouted by a modeling agency and has been taking on modeling jobs over the last three years. 

“She has walked in shows in New York and Paris,” she said.

“The money is minimal, but my husband and I put it all into a savings account for her college tuition.”

She has high hopes for her daughter’s plan after high school. Her daughter had previously expressed interest in becoming a software developer like her dad. She also had amazing grades all throughout school and was recently accepted into a great computer science undergraduate program at a university.

The entire family was thrilled for her daughter, and when she first got the offer in April, she accepted. However, the other day, her daughter told her she would rather defer her admission for a year so she could focus on her modeling career.

“Her agency has been pressuring her to relocate to New York City because there are more opportunities [and] jobs there,” she explained.

“I was adamant that she enter school in September instead of moving to NYC to model. I told her she would be wasting a year of her life when she could be spending her time getting her degree.”

littleny – – illustrative purposes only

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