She Wants To Bail On Housesitting For Her Coworker, Who Gave Her The Impression That She’d Be Housesitting In A Nice Home But Actually Expected Her To Stay In An Old, Beat Up Trailer

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Have you ever house-sat for someone before?

Housesitting can be really nice if you’re in a cool space, as it’s almost like having a little vacation while helping out a friend and sometimes getting paid.

One woman wants to bail out of a housesitting gig for her coworker, who gave her the impression that she’d be housesitting in her nice home but actually expected her to stay in an old, beat up trailer.

She’s 19-years-old and has been housesitting for family, friends, and coworkers for years now. It’s been a nice side hustle, and she typically charges people $40 a night. Recently, she accepted a housesitting gig from her coworker, a woman in her 50s. Her coworker will be traveling to the UK with her husband and needed someone to stay at her house and watch her dogs.

What she thought would be a pleasant stay at her coworker’s house ended up being something totally unexpected.

“She advertised the job as though I would be staying in a nice house in a small town with her two dogs, who could remain in the yard for a majority of the day so I could go out and about and was not trapped in the house,” she said.

“I was not able to see the house or meet the dogs up until the day before my gig would start. Upon my arrival, I was informed that instead of staying in her home, I would be staying in her deceased father’s trailer house that had not been lived in for months.”

She described the trailer as looking like something from the harrowing television series “Hoarders.” There was trash and clutter everywhere and a horrific smell throughout the place. Additionally, there were spiders and cobwebs everywhere. As it turns out, she doesn’t even have access to her coworker’s actual house and has to share the trailer with the dogs.

Her coworker told her she’d have the trailer cleaned out and its fridge restocked by the next day when she was supposed to start housesitting.

slavun – illustrative purposes only

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