She Wants To Book A New Hotel Room After Her Friend Insisted On Bringing Her New Boyfriend On A Vacation They Had Planned For Months

NDABCREATIVITY - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Have you ever felt forced to go on a trip or spend time with someone you barely know because they were brought along by one of your friends?

One woman recently had to book a new hotel after her friend insisted on bringing her new boyfriend on a trip they had planned for months.

Several months ago, she booked a trip abroad with her friend, her friend’s boyfriend, and another mutual friend. They wanted a chill sightseeing trip and would all share a hotel room together.

This was a comfortable plan, as she knew her friend’s boyfriend, and someone else would be there, so she wouldn’t have to be a third wheel. But then, things changed.

“My friend broke up with her boyfriend and started immediately seeing someone else who none of us had met,” she said.

“She was instantly very pushy about us accepting this guy on the trip. I was not okay with it. I did not want to go on an international trip I’d waited months for with some guy I didn’t know at all. [On] a trip of that type, I want people I can trust and want to be in close quarters with.”

Unfortunately, once she expressed her discomfort, her friend became aggressive. Her friend is the one who booked their hotel room on her credit card, so she gave everyone a tough ultimatum. She said if her new boyfriend couldn’t join them on their trip, she’d cancel everything, and there would be no trip.

“I confronted her about her attitude, and she said she’s highly stressed from work, so [she’s] a bit snappy, but maintained that this guy is coming or the trip is off,” she explained.

“After talking to the guy on the phone briefly, I felt even worse about him coming. He did not rub me the right way at all and seemed to want to drink and party a ton on the trip when we had all agreed this was going to be a sightseeing trip, not some party marathon.”

NDABCREATIVITY – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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