She Wants To Tell Her Mom That She Won’t Help Her Buy A Home If She Allows Her Toxic Boyfriend To Move In

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This 17-year-old girl currently lives with her 20-year-old brother and her 48-year-old mother, in addition to her mother’s boyfriend, Bob. The four of them share a three-bedroom apartment with their two dogs, a cat, and a bearded dragon.

She and her mother have been making plans to buy a house of their own and bring her brother along with them.

She assumed that her mother would be breaking up with Bob upon purchasing a house because of his toxic behavior. Bob is constantly calling her mother names and struggles with alcohol abuse.

“Whenever she wants to go somewhere, he will never go with her, and instead, just sit on the couch and get drunk. He’s a good-for-nothing alcoholic. He is constantly rude to her, and I can’t stand it,” she explained.

Recently, she and her mother went to an open house, and her mother invited Bob along without saying anything. She was super confused about why he was there because she had been under the impression they were moving in order to get away from Bob.

“I guess it’s my fault for assuming, but every time she brought up moving into a bigger place, Bob would get angry or just flat-out ignore her,” she said.

Initially, she was planning on helping out her mother financially with this new house by covering the down payment as well as contributing to any bills.

However, after leaving the open house, she confronted her mother and said that she would not help out at all financially if Bob was moving into the new place with them.

Even though she does not have much money to contribute at the moment, she has a plan. She is putting herself through a two-week intensive college program in order to receive her nursing assistant license, and was planning on saving up enough money to help out her mother.

slavun – – illustrative purposes only

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