He’s Thinking Of Dumping His Girlfriend Because She Follows An Extremely Strict Diet Of Only Steamed Chicken, Vegetables, And Low-Calorie Seafood

Drobot Dean - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 24-year-old man adores food. He eats special meals during celebrations and enjoys eating new foods during his travels. In addition, he eats a balanced diet. He acknowledged that some need to eliminate certain foods from their diet and is respectful and understanding of other people’s preferences.

He makes sure to have vegetarian options for his vegetarian friends, halal food for his Muslim friends, and foods without beef for his Buddhist friends. When he began a relationship with Z, 20, he thought there wouldn’t be any problems in regard to food since he’s accustomed to many different dietary restrictions.

“Z doesn’t eat bread, rice, or noodles (not just gluten-free, just in general), any red meat, dairy, potatoes, sweet potatoes, too much oil, spices, added sugars, artificial sweeteners, and anything with flour,” he said.

She doesn’t consume any foods that could be labeled as “‘unhealthy'” or frozen foods. Z refuses to eat food if it’s been in the fridge for two days or so. All she eats is steamed chicken, raw seafood, steamed veggies, and fruit.

Since Z won’t eat rice or noodles, they can’t eat Chinese, Japanese, or Korean food. She eliminated potatoes, rice, bread, and pasta, which rules out Italian, French, and American food. Her refusal to consume flour or spices means they can’t have South Asian food.

They can’t eat ice cream or frozen yogurt since Z doesn’t allow herself to have anything with sugar, artificial sweetener, or dairy. This rule she follows also eliminates cake and nearly all other desserts.

“She has refused to eat stir-fried vegetables because they were cooked with too much oil and refused to eat acai because there was peanut butter drizzled on top,” he explained.

Luckily, she doesn’t enforce her dietary restrictions on him and allows him to eat whatever he likes. When they go out to eat, and she doesn’t see anything on the menu that she’s comfortable eating, she drinks water while he eats.

It’s tough to find restaurants where Z will eat because she won’t eat if the meals go slightly against her dietary rules. Whenever he’s attempted to take her to vegan or vegetarian places, she usually tells him there’s nothing on the menu she enjoys.

Drobot Dean – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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