She’s Not Allowing Her Stepdaughter In Her Home Anymore Because Her Stepdaughter Has Lice And Refuses To Cut Her Hair To Take Care Of The Issue

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This woman married Matt three years ago, and they dated for three years before marriage. She had their daughter four months ago, and Matt has a 13-year-old daughter, Anna, from a previous relationship.

Anna adores her half-sister and always wants to spend time with her. A month ago, Anna held the baby for a while and handed her back. Moments later, she noticed a lice bug in the baby’s hair.

“I immediately panicked and asked my stepdaughter if she had head lice. She starts dodging the question, so I look for myself, and she is loaded. If I had been more observant before this moment, I am sure I would have caught it or seen the signs,” she said.

However, since giving birth, she hasn’t been focusing on much else aside from her baby. She spoke to Matt about the situation, and he asked his ex if she’d noticed the lice. Anna’s biological mother admitted that she’d been aware of the lice for several weeks and that she combed Anna’s hair and did a treatment to get rid of it.

Since Anna’s hair is incredibly thick and long, reaching her hips, she knew Anna needed more than one lice treatment and combing to solve the issue. She spent $80 on lice treatment and used the products on Anna’s hair.

Afterward, she combed Anna’s hair for nearly three hours but had to do more treatments to eliminate the rest of the lice. Matt helped wash and comb Anna’s hair. She communicated this with Matt’s ex and ensured Anna brought lice treatment products to her biological mother’s house when she had custody.

Matt is in the military, and he was home when they first discovered Anna had lice. He left for a two-month deployment three days later. Two weeks ago, over the weekend, Anna came back to her house, and she noticed the lice was back and as bad as before the treatments. She asked Anna if her mother had combed through and checked her hair.

“She shrugged and said, ‘A little.’ I told her at this point that she needed to cut her hair. There’s no way I can get rid of it or at least manage it properly with her hair being this long and this thick. She immediately said no (she’s fond of her hair, and I don’t blame her; it’s beautiful),” she explained.

Before this conversation, she’d repeatedly asked Anna to cover her hair or wear it in a ponytail or bun. Anna rejected these ideas and claimed that wearing her hair up causes migraines. While she didn’t want to be in the position where the only option was for Anna to cut her hair, she had no other ideas since Anna and her biological mother weren’t doing anything else to resolve the problem.

Minerva Studio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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