She Was Heartbroken When The Restaurant She Had Her Wedding Reception At Served Her Wedding Cake To Someone Else And She Had To Watch Them Cut It In Front of Her

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Wedding cakes are a fun tradition that some people are very passionate about. Even if you’re not a huge cake person, cutting your wedding cake with your new spouse is a sweet moment, and it’s often one that guests look forward to.

One bride’s family put in a lot of effort when choosing the cake she wanted to eat at her intimate restaurant reception. She was heartbroken when the restaurant ended up serving the cake to a different party before she was even seated.

“I don’t even know how to explain this,” says Celeste Geren (@celestegaren0203) in the TikTok video she filmed right after the incident.

“The restaurant we were at for our wedding dinner gave our wedding cake to somebody else, and I literally watched them cut it in front of me,” she said.

Celeste and her new husband live in Arizona but had a small wedding ceremony with 11 guests in Washington. It was a sort of destination wedding, and they had their immediate family members with them.

Her mother-in-law helped Celeste and her husband arrange everything for their wedding day, including helping them select a cake from a local Washington bakery and reserving special seats at a restaurant where they would have a fun family dinner after the ceremony.

Celeste’s mother-in-law shipped her and her husband cake samples to try overnight, and even though her husband doesn’t particularly like cake, they both fell in love with the raspberry vanilla-flavored cake and picked it out.

The cake was beautifully decorated and topped with flowers coordinated with Celeste’s bridal bouquet. She and her husband were hyping the cake up to their entire family and were so excited to eat it on their special day.

The morning of her wedding, Celeste and her mother-in-law dropped the cake off at the restaurant where she’d be having her reception and labeled the box with their last name.

romannoru – illustrative purposes only

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