She’s Refusing To Punish Her Daughter For Rejecting A Boy At School Who Had A Crush On Her, Despite Other Parents’ Opinions

Julie Boro - illustrative purposes only not the actual child

This woman’s 12-year-old daughter is currently in middle school and will soon be entering high school. So, the students in her daughter’s grade are getting to the age where they are developing crushes.

According to her, her daughter is very pretty, too. That’s why some peers have been crushing on her daughter and just bothering the tween in general.

But, her daughter actually hates the attention and just does not see the point in dating. This has pushed her daughter to become really blunt, especially when it comes to rejecting someone.

“My daughter is pretty popular at school, and there was an incident with one of the boys bullying her when she said no to the movies,” she recalled.

“It [is freaking awful] for her, and I feel really bad for her.”

More recently, there was another incident, too. She and her daughter attended the annual school picnic, which always happens before the start of a new school year.

Usually, the event is a pleasant afternoon that allows her daughter to hang out with her friends. Although this year, it was different.

Apparently, there is one specific boy in her daughter’s grade who has been crushing on her daughter for a long time. In fact, her daughter rejected the little boy’s Valentine all the way back in February.

But, the boy has Autism spectrum disorder, so she really thought it took him a bit more time to understand that her daughter just wasn’t interested.

Julie Boro – illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

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