A Couple Months Before Her Wedding, Her Fiancé Cheated On Her, And Now He’s Taking This Other Woman On Their Honeymoon

Stavros - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman and her fiancé started out as high school sweethearts and then spent eight years together.

They attended college together, began their careers together, and then bought a house together.

She can honestly say that she loved this man with everything that she had. Now, she does have to travel a ton for her job, and back in April, she took a two-week long trip for work.

When she returned, she realized a few things that made her uneasy. Her fiancé was way more adventurous than normal when they were physical, and that weirded her out since he had never been like that before.

Then, her fiancé started going out to have drinks with his work friends all the time, which is another thing that he had never done previously.

She figured that perhaps her fiancé was stressed out from work and from planning their wedding, so she brushed it off.

But then she decided to go through her fiancé’s phone, and she found some steamy and concerning messages between him and one of his female coworkers.

“She used the words at one point, “At least I can tell myself I’m not a homewrecker.” I was in shock, I mean, this man and I had a mortgage together and were a few months away from being married,” she explained.

“I didn’t know what to do. Later that next night, I asked if the wedding was bothering him and if that was the source of his stress and disconnect. I told him I loved him more than a wedding and that I would gladly cancel if it meant saving our relationship.”

Stavros – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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