A Man Got Upset With Him For Using The Ladies Room To Allow His Toddler Daughter To Wash Her Hands

Elena Stepanova - illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

One day, this 34-year-old man went to an arcade with his three-year-old daughter.

They were having a blast playing games and winning tickets after each game.

“At some point, she noticed that one of the games gave out candy. She won a little pile of candy and wanted to eat a piece, so I told her we had to go wash our hands first.”

He searched for the men’s restroom but couldn’t find it, and his daughter’s patience was wearing thin.

“I noticed that the ladies’ room had a big ‘vacant’ sign on the handle. I opened it up and, to my surprise, it was not vacant. A mom was in there with her daughter, washing their hands,” he explained.

He repeatedly said he was sorry, and he tried to close the door, but his daughter rushed into the bathroom.

“The woman said that it was fine and that they were just washing their hands. So, I followed my daughter in and just left the door open as far as it would go. The woman was chatting with me while they were drying their hands and all, but then her husband approached and started mumbling to himself about how it’s the ladies’ room,” he shared.

He ignored the woman’s husband and continued to help his daughter wash her hands. However, the man stood close to the bathroom door and continued muttering to himself about how this was a women’s restroom, but it was too quiet for him to hear everything the man was saying.

Then, the man spoke directly to him, softly saying, “‘Hey buddy, that’s the ladies’ room.'” In response, he said, “‘Yeah, and she’s a lady. I’m not letting my daughter run alone into a bathroom with a strange woman.'”

Elena Stepanova – illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

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