He Called Out His Married Friend For Flirting With A Woman, And Now His Friend Won’t Talk To Him

Ekaterina - illustrative purposes only

Have you ever been in a position where you have had to hold your dating or married friend accountable and remind them to stay loyal to their partner while you are out?

TikTok creator Deshawn (@deshawn_sings) shares the story of a time when he refused to let his married friend flirt with other women when they were out at the club together, and now his friend won’t talk to him.

Deshawn and his friend were out at the club one night when his married friend started talking to other women there.

Deshawn was not about to let this continue any further and told his friend to stop. His friend was irritated that Deshawn was interfering with his choices, but Deshawn was not afraid to be upfront with him.

“Spending all this money to come to y’all’s wedding to watch you come in this club and cheat and mess it all up? That’s my money I spent on your wedding! I spent my money on your wedding,” Deshawn explains.

He encourages his friend to go get himself a drink, even offering to pay for it, and tells him he needs to cut it out and sit down.

The comments of this viral video are flooded with positive remarks, saying that Deshawn did the right thing in calling his friend out on his behavior.

“Good! It’s not enough men who check their friends. YES! Hold him accountable,” one commenter says.

“Yes- people need to normalize calling friends out for inappropriate behavior,” another person agrees.

Ekaterina – illustrative purposes only

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