He Wants To Leave His Wife After She Said She Couldn’t Care Less About His Kids

She often speaks negatively about his house and the city he lives in, and she makes these comments directly to her children. When she was exhibiting this bad behavior, she and her children were renting a one-bedroom apartment.

Currently, he has been allowing his wife to use his MacBook so that she can do editing for the photography business she owns.

A few days ago, he opened the computer, and once he was logged on, he noticed his wife’s iMessages were still visible. Then, he saw that a conversation between his wife and her ex-husband was open.

He glanced at the messages and immediately saw that she was talking about his children by name.

“What I read was a conversation with her ex asking about our family dynamic, as their son is having a problem with his new family dynamic. She played down her son being an issue and said it’s probably more his new wife since she’s so focused on uniting their family and pushes that, whereas my wife said, ‘I don’t try to connect the families. I put my kids and the baby first. I couldn’t care less about his kids,'” he shared.

Understandably enraged and revolted by what she said, this was the nail in the coffin for him in regard to their marriage. He felt ready to call it quits right then and there.

But when he asked one of his friends for advice, his friend said that what his wife said was a pretty standard opinion of how women feel about their stepchildren.

His friend continued, saying that women will always care more about their own biological children, claiming that a lot of women view stepchildren as just “some other woman’s kids that take away from theirs.”

Also, his friend pointed out that he needs to keep his baby’s well-being in mind.

Later, he questioned his wife about the texts with her ex-husband, and she was furious that he read her private messages.

However, she never said sorry for the things she said. After that, he gave his friend an update, and his friend supported his plans to leave his wife and focus on his own children.

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