Her Fiancé Is Refusing To Go Into The Basement of The Home They Live In Until She Gives Him Money For The Repairs He Wants To Do

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Money problems are one of the biggest things that leads couples to fight. It’s a shame when partners or spouses don’t compromise when it comes to money.

One woman is fed up with her fiancé, who has become very demanding with the repairs needed to be made in their basement after it was damaged during a flood.

She’s 35 and has been with her 42-year-old fiancé for over five years. They’ve always had a complicated relationship when it came to money. She’s a small business owner, and she paid for everything when they decided to get a home together.

“I was able to buy the house we currently live in,” she explained.

“My fiancé did not put any money down in that process. I also have paid for fixes, small and large, [like] electrical, major plumbing, etc.”

The only payments her fiancé has been making on the house are half of the mortgage payments they owe. Whenever they argue or disagree on something, he threatens to withhold his half of the money and treats her like a lousy landlord.

Recently, their basement flooded, and her homeowner’s insurance claim came in so she could start overseeing the repairs that needed to be made. She had to hire a concrete contractor to encapsulate the asbestos tile in the basement. Although the contractor didn’t make her floors look great, he got the job done, and it cost her around $2,000.

“Up until yesterday, the plan was to stain and seal the basement floor and move on,” she said.

“Well, I got a text around noon yesterday, and it’s my fiancé going on about sinking more money into the basement floor. He now wants me to spend another $3,200 on more concrete [and] water-proofing. I told him no and that we can just seal it and throw some rugs down to save money.”

racool_studio – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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