Her Mom And Her Husband’s Dad Secretly Dated For A Year And Got Married Just One Month Before Her Wedding Day, Which Caused Only Half of Her Guest List To Show Up

Roman Ribaliov - illustrative purposes only

This 26-year-old woman just got married to her husband, who is also 26, about three weeks ago.

They first began dating during their junior year of high school and lasted until their senior year of college– when her husband finally proposed. Then, their engagement period lasted two years before they finally tied the knot.

But, just about one month before their wedding, both of their parents threw them for a loop.

“My mother and his father came out and told us that we couldn’t get married anymore because they got married a few days ago in a courthouse,” she revealed.

Now, absolutely no one had any clue that her mom and her husband’s dad had been dating for the past year before then.

Still, they jumped to get married first and used it to prevent her and her husband from getting wed– because, if they did, their parents claimed that they would be marrying their sibling.

And as you can imagine, she felt utterly disgusted by her own mom.

“How could they get together and get married before us?” she asked.

After all, she and her husband had way more history and had been together much longer. Plus, she couldn’t believe her mom and her husband’s dad had the nerve to try and prevent her wedding from happening.

Roman Ribaliov – illustrative purposes only

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