His Ex-Wife Continues To Use His Last Name Even After Getting Married And Divorced For A Second Time, And His Current Wife Thinks He Should’ve Forced His Ex To Stop

annanahabed - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 43-year-old man and his ex-wife both got married early on when they were just 24-years-old.

They initially met at college when his ex was an exchange student. Then, he and his ex entered a long-distance relationship, and he visited her for a year in her home country.

Eventually, they also decided to tie the knot, and his ex-wife became a permanent resident after they got married. However, just three years later, they got divorced after his ex cheated on him.

He claimed there were no hard feelings, though, since he also cheated on his ex-wife once before.

“We stayed amicable after the divorce, too, and handled the divorce ourselves through one of those kits,” he recalled.

“We basically became roommates.”

Anyway, following the divorce, he wound up meeting a new woman, and they dated for about seven years before they got married.

However, his wife is still pretty upset about one thing tied to his previous marriage– the fact that his ex-wife kept his last name.

Apparently, even after his ex-wife got remarried, she just hyphenated his last name with her new husband’s surname. Then, once his ex got a second divorce, she just went back to using his last name again.

annanahabed – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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