His Grandparents Lived In A Haunted Old Farmhouse And Could Always Hear A Couple Arguing, And Now It’s Happening Again In Their New House

Jamie - illustrative purposes only

This man is dog-sitting his grandparents’ three Dobermans in upstate New York.

He enjoys spending time with the dogs, so he often takes care of them whenever his grandparents need him to. That way, the dogs don’t have to be kept in a kennel.

His grandfather was previously a volunteer firefighter, and he had to have a police scanner on 24 hours a day in case there was an emergency that he had to be prepared for. Even though his grandfather retired a long time ago, he still has the police scanner in the house and keeps it turned on.

“I’ve gotten very used to the staticky noises it makes and tend to tune them out until last night. I was standing in the kitchen next to the scanner while I was making dinner, and I suddenly became aware of the whispering coming from the scanner. I’ve been listening to this thing jabber for 21 years, and I have never heard a whisper,” he said.

A couple of years ago, his grandparents moved out of a farmhouse that was built 200 years ago and into a new house. In his opinion, his grandparents’ old house was haunted.

“There was this one distinct sound that always happened when I was home alone in that house, and it was the sound of a couple arguing. When they moved to this new house, I never heard a thing. No footsteps, no arguing, no doors opening, nothing. Until last night, when the whispering started, and I started hearing the arguing, just like the old house,” he explained.

If he had to guess, it seemed like the voices were coming from outside the house and in the driveway.

“There’s a window above the sink in the kitchen that can see the whole driveway, and there was nothing. Just some birds sitting under the feeder my grandparents have set out. But when the arguing seemed to escalate into screaming, all of the birds took off. I stepped out onto the back porch to let the dogs back inside and just stood there to see if I could hear the arguing from the front. It seemed to come out of the woods in front of me, so I just went back inside and locked the door,” he shared.

Understandably scared, he closed all the curtains, and when he went to bed, he slept in the room furthest away from the driveway.

Jamie – illustrative purposes only

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