His Mom Said He’s Selfish And She Wants Nothing To Do With Him Now That His Grandma Is Paying For Him To Go To College

Rido - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 20-year-old man and his mother, 47, have been fighting about how his grandmother said that she could pay for his college tuition after his mother didn’t let him attend college.

Two years ago, he graduated from high school. At this point, the pandemic was really intense and affecting everyone’s daily lives. Also, his parents divorced, and his family wasn’t financially stable, either.

Once his parents divorced, he and his brothers continued living with their mother. Their mother tried to limit the amount of time he and his brothers spent around their father.

She only let his father participate in their Christmas celebration and their birthdays. After the divorce, he has had no ill will towards his father and has continued to love and care about him.

For the last 20 years, his father has suffered from Parkinson’s, and over time, his health has slowly deteriorated.

Eventually, his father had to stop working, so he wasn’t able to help him with his college tuition. Plus, his father’s mother has dementia, so his father has to spend a lot of time caring for her.

During his senior year, he was applying to colleges, and his mother asked him to apply to less expensive colleges because she wouldn’t be able to afford the ones he was currently applying to. However, the less expensive colleges he looked into didn’t offer programs that he was interested in.

“Hence, I decided to ‘sacrifice’ myself by not going to college in order for my mom to finance my two brothers, 19 and 10, who were still in high school and primary, respectively,” he said.

A year after he graduated, his brother graduated from high school. His brother applied for and was accepted into one of the top private universities in their area, and their mother agreed to pay for his brother’s tuition.

Rido – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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