Midcentury Style Places An Emphasis On Simple Wooden Pieces, Functionality, Clean Lines, And Bright Accent Colors - illustrative purposes only

Home designs from another era always make a comeback, and midcentury modern style is one of them! Midcentury modern style refers to the furnishings that were popular during the mid-20th century, specifically between the mid-1940s and 1970.

It places an emphasis on simple wooden pieces, functionality, clean lines, and bright accent colors. The design is open and uncluttered. Although it incorporates bold patterns and shapes, it is not frilly and does not include ornate detailing like the older, traditional styles.

Wanting to put the years of war behind them, people turned toward a newer, more modern way of living. They preferred the organic look instead of the overstuffed rooms they grew up in.

Today, the quality of functionality is still celebrated, making it a key factor as to why people want to incorporate midcentury modern style into their homes. With all the high-tech of the 21st century, midcentury modern style must strike a balance between the contemporary and the antique.

Homeowners will have to get a little creative because some of the pieces from decades ago won’t accommodate certain TVs or other tech equipment.

However, you can still successfully achieve midcentury modern style in your interior. The solution, as always, is balance. Here are the design’s most distinguishing features.

First is natural wood, particularly teak, oak, and rosewood. Wood wall panelings, floors, and furniture provide your space with warmth and serve as a nice contrast to the sleek geometric patterns of midcentury style decor. In a bathroom, add a wooden vanity for the natural aspect and graphic tiles for the modern look.

Next are pops of color. Bright colors, such as red, aqua, and yellow, combined with neutral tones like white and beige, add personality to your space without being too in-your-face.

You can bring color into your home through the accessories. Midcentury style artwork, rugs with graphic patterns, pottery pieces, and statement lighting will really complete the design. – illustrative purposes only

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