She Decided To Have Her Kids Walk Her Down The Aisle Since Her Dad Never Stepped Up To The Plate As A Parent, But Then He Chose Not To Attend Her Wedding

“I didn’t even swear and mentioned missed birthdays, me never even having a room at his house, him moving to another province, and me finding out from my aunt and not him. That sort of stuff,” she explained.

Well, her dad never responded to her text, and she believes that her message was his “final straw” because he just didn’t bother showing up at her wedding.

The Thursday before the event was set to take place, she received a text from him– claiming he wouldn’t be there.

This sent her into a full-blown panic attack that was so bad that her husband actually had to get her grandmother to come over and calm her down.

Then, on the day of her actual wedding, she received a message from her stepmother– which she thought sounded very “calculated.”

In the text, her stepmother claimed to hope that they could find a “resolution,” but at the same time, her stepmother was just justifying all of her dad’s actions.

Still, the drama was far from over because the night of her wedding, her dad also reached out via text to congratulate her and her husband.

“And I sent him a long message describing how hurt I was, especially because he texted me to tell me he wasn’t coming,” she said.

She also told her dad that she was not interested in speaking with him for a while following what happened.

However, he just didn’t understand her perspective. Instead, he tried to turn the situation around on her– blaming her for the state of their relationship.

Obviously, she argued with that and put her foot down once and for all about not wanting any further contact with her dad.

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