She Doesn’t Want To Wait For Her Husband To Drive Her To The Hospital If She Goes Into Labor, And He’s Upset About It

djile - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 23-year-old woman is currently eight months pregnant and getting very close to her due date. So, while she was out with some of her friends just yesterday, the topic of her delivery came up.

Her friends also asked what would happen if she suddenly went into labor while her 24-year-old husband was not there.

She didn’t hesitate and told her husband that if he was over 20 minutes away, then she would just ask one of her friends to take her to the hospital. Then, she would simply meet him there.

To her surprise, though, her husband was not okay with that. Instead, he actually expected her to wait for him to drive home, pick her up, and travel to the hospital!

Now, this concerns her for one major reason.

“This is my second pregnancy, and I gave birth to my firstborn pretty quickly. So, I am afraid that this one would be born just as quickly or even quicker than my last,” she explained.

Still, after she tried to tell her husband that she just could not wait for him for longer than 20 minutes, he just became all upset. Then, for the entire ride home from the hangout with their friends, he was silent.

She cannot fully understand his attitude, either.

“Like, I get it, he wants to be part of the moment, but what if I were to have complications or I give birth outside of the hospital because I waited?” she reasoned.

djile – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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