She Gave Her Dad An Ultimatum: Either He Starts Wearing Diapers, Or She Sends Him To Assisted Living

Evgenia - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

As parents and relatives get older and can’t take care of themselves as well as they used to, addressing those issues with them can be really uncomfortable.

One teenager’s father is getting worse at controlling his bathroom habits, and she’s now had to give him an ultimatum: either he starts wearing diapers, or she sends him to assisted living.

She’s 19-years-old and lives with her 56-year-old dad, who’s been giving her a lot of issues.

“He’s had an issue controlling his bowels for over a year now, and I suspect it’s because he will regularly refuse to eat and will drink beer all day until dinner,” she explained.

“I’ve brought this up to him, and he said it’s ‘fasting’ and that it’s good for him. I told him it’s not fasting; it’s just drinking on an empty stomach.”

Her dad has told her that his stomach issues must be because of his old age, but she doesn’t think he’s old enough to not be able to make it to the bathroom. She believes it’s his poor lifestyle choices.

Unfortunately, because of her dad’s issues, he frequently has accidents all over their house. There are stains on their carpet, and she is often responsible for cleaning up after him.

Just the other evening, while she was in the kitchen cooking dinner, her dad had a spontaneous accident all over the floor. Then, he tried to clean it but did so poorly that he ended up spreading it everywhere with paper towels.

Since her dad has started having these issues, she’s asked him multiple times to wear adult diapers, but he refuses to do it.

Evgenia – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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