Here’s What The Triangle Method Flirting Technique Actually Is, And How You Can Use It On Your Crush In Time For Cuffing Season

Vasya - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Have you heard of the triangle method? Thanks to this viral dating technique on TikTok, you’ll be cuddled up with your new boo just in time for cuffing season!

You’ve probably heard of all those subtle behaviors you should display to signal to a guy that you like him. They might include playing with your hair, flirtatiously touching his arm, or turning your entire body so that it’s positioned directly toward him.

Well, forget those! It’s time to use the triangle method to lure your crush in. TikToker @baldiyadi is talking about how you can make anyone instantly obsessed with you by using the triangle method.

You may have even used this technique before without knowing there was a specific name for it. So, how does the triangle method work?

“Essentially, the next time you and this person are talking, and you’re making eye contact, I need you to slowly look at their right eye, then look down to their mouth and then back to their left eye,” explained the TikTok creator.

You will be creating an upside-down triangle shape with your gaze. It sounds a little awkward on paper, but once you put it into practice, you’ll see just how effective it can be.

Non-verbal communication plays a huge role in dating and relationships. Body language can say more than actual words can.

When employing the triangle method, you are making prolonged eye contact and glancing down at the person’s lips, indicating that you’re into him. Looking at someone’s lips is a dead giveaway that you’re interested in sharing a kiss.

Just make sure you do the movement slowly. You don’t want your eyes to dart all over their face, as that might raise some eyebrows and make them question if you’re okay.

Vasya – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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