She Ghosted Her Friend After He Faked Forgetting His Wallet And Made Her Pay For His Food Twice

She also does not like asking people to pay her back, so she just left the issue alone.

“Because I felt he would do the same for me,” she admitted.

But then, they were debating about possibly getting more food, and she could tell that her friend was still hungry.

So, being generous, she told him to order whatever he wanted and offered to pay for it again.

After she actually paid for her friend for a second time, though, he came clean about a lie. Apparently, he had just pretended to forget his wallet at home just to “see what she would do.”

“I was taken aback because, if anything, I’ve spent more money on our outings than he has, so I felt this to be a little manipulative,” she explained.

She also asked her friend why he let her pay the second time, but all he said was that he just wanted to see how she would respond.

Anyway, she feels like it would have been fine if her friend had just done it twice– even if it was a little strange. However, the fact that he made her pay twice just felt really bizarre.

“That really rubbed me the wrong way and left a bad taste in my mouth,” she vented.

That’s why she doesn’t feel very comfortable interacting with her friend anymore and decided to stop reaching out to him.

However, ever since ghosting her friend, she’s started to feel a bit bad and is wondering whether she overreacted or not.

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