She Refused To Help Her Stepsister Decorate Her New Bedroom Since She’s Been Bragging About Having The Bigger And Better Room

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If you have siblings, did you ever argue with them over the size of your bedrooms growing up?

Being the sibling with the smaller room can be a bummer, but if you find ways to fill the space and decorate it in a creative way, you could end up being the one with the best room.

One teenager had to get inventive when redecorating her room and recently refused to help her stepsister decorate since she had previously boasted about having a larger bedroom.

She and her stepsister, Jessi, are both 15-years-old. Their family recently moved into a new house, and their dad told them they could decorate their bedrooms however they’d like. 

During the move-in process, Jessi was given a larger bedroom than her. She was fine with that at first but then got annoyed as Jessi continually started bragging and shoving in her face how great her room was.

Her room really was dismal compared to Jessi’s at first, considering she didn’t have a closet and could hardly squeeze her furniture into it.

Thankfully, her boyfriend comes from a really crafty family, and when her boyfriend’s dad saw photos of her tiny room, he offered to help her out. 

“He made me a loft bed with a desk built-in that ended with a cute closet space, big enough for my things,” she explained.

“Since the loft bed saved me a lot of space, I was able to get some small couches, and now my room is really comfy and pretty.”

New Africa – illustrative purposes only

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