She Says Her Wedding Was A Hot Mess Since She Completely Forgot To Invite Her Best Friends

stakhov - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Can you imagine walking down the aisle during your wedding, looking out into the crowd of guests, and realizing that your three closest friends weren’t there, even though they attended your bridal shower?

This is exactly what happened to Florida-based dentist Reema Bassoumi (@dr.reemabassoumi), who went viral on TikTok after explaining how she forgot to make sure her best friends were invited to her wedding.

Reema and her fiancé were due to have a small wedding a few years ago since it was amid the COVID-19 pandemic. At the time, Reema was still a student finishing up her last semester of dental school in Pennsylvania, so she was too busy to plan a wedding and left most of the planning up to her sister.

Reema wasn’t interested in wedding planning at all from the start.

“I wasn’t really into the whole thing,” she says in her video.

“I just wanted to do it, to get married and live with my man. Plus, we were students, and we were on a budget.”

Given all the extra stress in her life, Reema’s sister handled every detail of her wedding.

Before her wedding, Reema had a bridal shower, which three of her closest friends attended. At the shower, she told them that she’d be having a small and more intimate wedding, but they were definitely invited to it.

The weeks before her wedding, Reema assumed everything was fine and dandy as her sister and family handled sending out the wedding invitations. She figured her best friends would receive invites, and everyone she wanted to have with her on her special day would be there.

stakhov – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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