She Told Her Sister That She Stresses Everyone Out, Which Made Her Mad

Yuri A/ - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 21-year-old woman’s sister, 24, is an anxious person, and she projects her anxiety onto other people.

Her sister seems to see the negative in everything, and when her sister makes plans, she’s extremely particular about the minute details.

If something unexpected happens to throw the plans for the day off track, her sister gets incredibly annoyed.

This has been very apparent when her sister asks her to go out to a restaurant with her.

“She’ll ask me what type of food I want, then what type of restaurant I want to go to, then ask if there’s any restaurant I have in mind, then what time I want to leave at,” she said.

“Like she’s inviting me, but literally making me think of every little detail myself, and it’s SO exhausting.”

Leading up to her birthday or Christmas, her sister constantly asks her what she wants as gifts, and she always responds and says she can’t think of anything.

“She asks if I need anything in particular. I tell her no because if I need something, I usually go out and buy it,” she explained.

“I tell her just get me anything! I’m happy with any gift! But no. That’s not good enough, and she gets frustrated that I won’t tell HER what to get ME as a gift.”

She acknowledges that while on the surface, her sister’s behavior sounds reasonable and as if she’s just trying to take other’s wants into consideration, it can be overwhelming to deal with over time.

Yuri A/ – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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