She Got Rid of A Toxic Friend, But She’s Left Wondering If It Was Wrong of Her To Not Give This Girl A Second Chance

Pixel-Shot - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This girl was friends with A for about two or three years.

“Throughout most of it, she had feelings for my brother, J,” she said.

Even though this didn’t bother her, she just requested that A be careful not to do anything awkward while hanging out with her at her house.

However, her friend purposely went against her wishes, deliberately making her feel uncomfortable by talking in depth about her brother constantly.

For the entirety of their friendship, her friend disrespected her and got irritated whenever she reiterated that she didn’t like when she talked about her brother around her.

Recently, she realized that she was still signed into her friend’s Instagram account on her tablet.

“My little brother saw her talking badly about me with her friends. He scrolled a bit and told me everything,” she explained.

Rightfully upset that she found out from her brother that her friend had been gossiping about her behind her back, she confronted her friend.

At first, her friend admitted that she had messed up and shouldn’t have been spreading negativity. But then, her friend proceeded to argue with her, saying that she was “toxic” and was blowing the situation out of proportion. She felt like her friend had been disloyal and untrustworthy but didn’t think it mattered that much. Her friend seemed to expect her to just get over it.

Pixel-Shot – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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