She Took In Her Teen Son’s Pregnant Girlfriend, But Threatened To Kick Her Out For Her Nasty Attitude

SYARGEENKA - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

There are a lot of stories about pregnant teen moms who get kicked out of their homes by their parents and are taken in by their partner’s family. Usually, a beautiful familial relationship is formed during that time, but unfortunately, that isn’t always the case.

One woman took in her teenage son’s pregnant girlfriend but had to tell her off after she’d been repeatedly disrespectful.

She’s 43-years-old and has an 18-year-old son. Recently, her son got his high school girlfriend pregnant. When his girlfriend’s mom found out, she kicked her out of the house.

Although she’s never been a big fan of her son’s girlfriend, she didn’t want to leave the mother of her grandchild out on the streets, so she decided to let her live in her house. She and her husband also graciously decided to pay her medical bills during her pregnancy.

For now, her son and his girlfriend have decided to hold off on going to college. Her son is working full-time to help save money for the baby, and his girlfriend has unfortunately decided to stay home every day doing nothing.

“She just locks herself up in my son’s room, eating snacks and watching videos on my son’s computer,” she said.

“I need to drag her out just to help me with cooking and to clean up at least the room she’s staying [in].”

Although her son’s girlfriend isn’t having a high-risk pregnancy, anytime she’s asked to do simple chores around the house, she complains that she’s in pain and treats her like she’s the enemy for asking.

Now, her son’s girlfriend is getting even sassier and has started verbally insulting her for no good reason. The other day, things came to a head when she was getting ready for church, and her son’s girlfriend asked her where she was going. When she told her she was leaving for church, her son’s girlfriend accused her of dressing inappropriately and said some nasty things about her outfit.

SYARGEENKA – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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