Her Husband Had An Affair With Her Mom, And Then Filed For Divorce To Stay With Her Mom

pikselstock - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Have you ever heard family drama so shocking you could hardly believe something like that was possible?

One woman is wrapped up in that kind of drama after upsetting her mom, who is now married to her ex-husband and the mother of one of his kids, over a birthday party.

She’s in her late 20s, and her mom had her when she was very young. When she was 22-years-old, she was married and had a three-year-old daughter and another baby on the way. But disaster struck when she found out her husband was having an affair with her mom, who was in her mid-30s and got her pregnant.

Her husband filed for divorce from her and decided to stay with her mom and raise their child together. After the divorce, she decided to cut off contact with both of them, which has been difficult since they live in the same area and their kids attend the same school.

“My daughter is now in the 4th grade, and she asked if she could have a sleepover party for her birthday,” she said.

“I told her, of course, and that we could send invites to her class using the class roster contact sheet the teacher had emailed the parents. When I was going through the list, I unfortunately noticed that my mother and ex-husband are listed as parents of a little girl in my daughter’s class.”

A few parents on the sheet had opted out of sharing their contact information, including her mom and ex-husband. So, she invited six girls from her daughter’s class whose parents shared their contact information.

Unfortunately, somehow, her mom found out about the party and is livid that her daughter wasn’t invited.

“I don’t want her daughter at the party, mostly because the whole situation is very painful to me and brings up bad emotions, and I don’t want to have a relationship with the kid,” she explained.

pikselstock – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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