He Called Out A Bartender For Carelessly Leaving His Fiancée’s Drink Unattended In The Middle of The Bar

Minerva Studio - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Often, when you hear stories about rowdy interactions between bartenders and bar patrons, the blame typically falls on rude patrons. But occasionally, there’s a really poor bartender who can quickly turn a great night into a bad one.

One man recently called out a bartender who placed his fiancée’s drink in an unattended area, leading to his entire group getting kicked out of the bar.

He’s 25 and is engaged to his 23-year-old fiancée. The two of them recently had a night out with one of their friends. It was getting late, and they were hungry, so they went to one of the few bars still open in town.

While he and his friend didn’t order anything, his fiancée ordered some food and a can of beer. After ordering, she ran to the bathroom while the bartender got her beer.

“The bartender had opened the drink and set it down on a counter about ten feet away from us, leaving it there for a few minutes, then picked it up and walked over to us, setting it down in front of my fiancée’s seat,” he recalled.

“She then turned to walk away.”

He and his friend exchanged confused glances, wondering why the bartender would carelessly leave a woman’s drink unattended in the middle of a bar. His fiancée has had a bad incident with a tampered drink before, so this made him very upset.

“I’ve worked as a bartender, and I would never leave a girl’s drink open while she was away,” he explained.

“I would have just left the can unopened. It had also been sitting between a bunch of guys for a few minutes while she was off chatting with some dude at another side of the bar. The only reason she remembered the drink in the first place was because one of the guys was asking who the drink was for.”

Minerva Studio – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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