She Went On A Date With A Guy Whose Dating Profile Photos Were Clearly From A Decade Ago, And Then He Told Her About His Toenail Clipping Collection

Natalia Bratslavsky - illustrative purposes only

TikToker Ivy (@ivydarrell_) is sharing about the time she went out with a guy who not only spilled coffee all over but thought that talking about his toenail clipping collection was an appropriate first-date conversation.

Perhaps the guy was just nervous. After all, going on a date with someone you’ve never met before is pretty nerve-racking. But that doesn’t explain why he collects toenail clippings in the first place.

So, Ivy decided to give online dating a try and ended up matching with a seemingly charming guy on a dating app. They met up at a casual, cozy café for their first date. Everything appeared to be going well until she realized that the photos on his dating profile were from a decade ago.

Even though he was a total catfish, Ivy decided to take a chance and continue with the date. However, that was a huge mistake on her part. The date took a major turn when he started telling her all about his collection of toenail clippings.

Ivy tried to steer the conversation elsewhere because the last thing she wanted to talk about was his toenail clipping collection. But he had really latched onto the topic and wouldn’t let it go.

So, she was forced to engage in a discussion about toenail clippings for at least thirty minutes. Throughout the date, he also kept checking himself out on the reflective surfaces of doors, mirrors, and even a spoon.

Then, he spilled coffee on her. Ivy was in shock, and at that point, all she wanted to do was leave and never return. She was irked because the date had been kind of a bust, and now she had hot coffee on her pants.

To make matters worse, he started blowing on the areas where he had spilled the coffee and tried to pat them dry. It was obvious that he was growing flustered because he knew he had screwed up the entire date.

Ivy repeatedly told him to stop blowing on her coffee stain. However, he would not listen, which made her flustered as well. Fed up, she yelled at him and stormed out of the coffee shop.

Natalia Bratslavsky – illustrative purposes only

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