She’s Showing You How She Gave Her 1950s Pink Bathroom A Modern Makeover

Ivaylo - illustrative purposes only

Everyone has different ideas of what a dream home should look like. For one woman, her dream home did not include the presence of an all-pink bathroom.

TikToker Sydney Cox (@sydney.o.cox) showed off how she transformed her “Pepto-Bismol” pink bathroom on a budget.

Pink bathrooms were a staple in homes during the 1950s. They became popular after it was known that First Lady Marie Eisenhower adored the rosy hue.

In her video, Sydney filmed the process of renovating her bathroom. Before making the changes, the entire bathroom, from the walls to the floor, was in various shades of pink.

First, she focused on cleaning the grout and the tiles, using pliers to pry the gunk from her walls, and vacuuming the debris up afterward. She scrubbed for hours until the room was finally sparkling.

Then, she sanded every inch of the tiles. Once that was done, she got to work on coating the tiles with pristine white paint, covering up the garish pink. The untiled parts of the walls were painted gray.

And, of course, she couldn’t forget about the flooring. She cleaned the floor, fixed loose tiles, and filled in the missing grout. Next, she sanded the floor to roughen up the tile, clearing away the residue from sanding after fixing up any imperfections.

She covered the floor with a coat of primer, repainted it white, and finished with a layer of top coat. The end result was a brand-new gray and white bathroom.

Several TikTok users were horrified with the redesign, and they weren’t afraid to make their feelings known in the comments section.

Ivaylo – illustrative purposes only

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