The Mousse Gel Mousse Method Is Going Viral For Helping To Get Curly Hair In Check

olenachukhil - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

If you have curly hair but are tired of dealing with frizz and curls that look too fluffy, there’s a new curl styling method that may become part of your new go-to hair routine.

TikTok creator Brittany (@brittcurls) has introduced her viewers to the ‘mousse gel mousse’ curly hair routine and showed people an easy way to get their curls looking amazing. Her video inspired many others to try it and gained over 1.4 million likes!

So, how does the mousse gel mousse method work?

Brittany starts by explaining that your hair needs to be soaking wet. If it’s not soaking or starts drying before you get started, use a spray bottle to soak those curls again.

Next, take out your favorite hair mousse. Brittany uses the Herbal Essences Curl Boosting Mousse. Then, using one pump at a time, rake the mousse through your hair with your fingers while flipping it from side to side to ensure you get full coverage.

Now that your hair is nice and moussed grab your go-to hair gel. In her video, Brittany uses the Eco Styler Argan Oil Gel. Then, you take a little pinch of the gel, rub your hands together, add a bit of water to your hands, and rub them together again. This emulsifies the hair gel, which helps to activate it and makes it easier to distribute through your hair.

Smooth the gel into your hair, and don’t forget to re-wet it if it feels like it’s starting to dry.

Once you’ve applied the emulsified gel to your hair, flip it over and brush through it to create even clumps of curls and distribute all your products evenly.

So, at this point, you’ve moussed and gelled; now it’s time to use your mousse again!

olenachukhil – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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