These Are A Couple of Unconventional Things That You Might Want To Consider Including On Your Wedding Website

Brianna - illustrative purposes only

One of the more fun aspects of wedding planning these days is making a wedding website.

Many couples, whether from a third party or from scratch, are choosing to make websites that give guests all the information they need for their upcoming wedding ceremony and reception.

In addition to dedicating a page on the website to RSVP-ing, couples like to add sections for their registry, love stories, and FAQs to their wedding websites.

If you have the time, there are many other fun things you can include on your wedding website to get your guests excited and prepared for your special day!

One section for your wedding website can be a space where guests can share their favorite memories or stories with the bride and groom. They can be childhood stories, funny night-out stories, etc.

You can choose to have them posted publicly on the website or privately submitted to you and your future spouse. Either way, it’s a sweet opportunity to reminisce on the good times you’ve spent together.

To be a bit more helpful to your guests, you can provide them with local options for hotels and child or pet care. List hotels near your venue that would be a great spot for your guests to stay in, and list the names of recommended local babysitters and pet sitters they can book to help make sure they’ll be all set for your big day.

One of my favorite parts of a wedding website is DJ song requests! If your reception DJ allows it, add a forum guests can fill out to request songs they want to be played during the wedding reception.

It’s a fun way to ensure you’ll dance all night and make everyone feel involved in the evening.

Brianna – illustrative purposes only

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