“Golden Retriever Boyfriends” Have Their Flaws, Too: Here Are Some Red Flags To Watch Out For When Dating This Kind Of Guy

de Art - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Have you heard the term ‘golden retriever boyfriend’ a lot on social media lately?

A golden retriever boyfriend is a guy you’re in a relationship with who often acts like a golden retriever, meaning they’re usually very loyal, upbeat, cuddly, and easygoing. Not only that, but they’re guys who are extremely passionate about their female partners.

This term started circulating on social media as women developed the term to describe this kind of guy. Many women boast about having a golden retriever boyfriend on social media, and their partners receive praise from strangers.

While that sounds lovely and practically perfect, having a golden retriever boyfriend isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. Yes, we all love a good golden retriever, but when a person has that personality type, they do also come with a few red flags.

If you’ve found yourself in a relationship with a guy you’d describe as a golden retriever boyfriend, here are some red flags to look out for and work on so that the good qualities of his personality don’t get outweighed by the bad.

They look to you to take care of their problems

Sometimes, when we have a super sweet partner and love that about them, we want to start doing things for them. It’s almost like coddling, and if you don’t catch yourself soon enough, you could suddenly be taking care of a bunch of problems your boyfriend should be dealing with himself.

Avoid taking on burdens from your partner and let them deal with the problems they’re in control of.

They begin expecting constant praise

de Art – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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